About Mary

page_new07‘Mary the Hairy Fairy and the Magic of Now’ is a magical children’s picture book about the power of believing in our unique talents.This is a story for children aged 4 to 8 years old. However, adults enjoy it too. Its aim is to support children to believe in themselves and, in particular, in how they feel different to everyone else. It emphasises overcoming bullying through simply believing in oneself.

The story is set in Hairy Land. It’s about some hairless creatures with wings and other wingless creatures with hairdos. Mary is different and has both wings and hair. As the story unfolds, Mary discovers the power of staying focused on what she can imagine and do, right now, whilst the other creatures of Hairy Land get carried away with fears about what they can’t do and what could happen.

This is an 800 word rhyming book, presented in a font that promotes early reading. Illustrations have been hand-painted with love and care. It is the first in a series of stories about Mary, her friends in Hairy Land and the power of self-belief. It is intended as a birthday and special occasion gift for someone dear.